Thursday, February 18, 2010

A new neighborhood

So it's been a few months again since my last post. But this time I have a good excuse - I moved to a new neighborhood!

I've been in San Francisco now for almost 2 years, most of that spent at one place near Japan Town and Hayes Valley. That place definitely had some nice aspects, and the neighborhoods were not bad, in fact I thought living near downtown was really the way to go. So when we started looking for new digs due to mold problems and a lack of natural light in the old place and ultimately found a great place in the Inner Richmond, I figured we'd be settling as far as the neighborhood was concerned, at least in relation to our old one. But it turns out I'm way more into Inner Richmond than Hayes Valley, Japantown, Downtown, or just about anywhere else I've spent much time in SF!

Read on to find out why the Inner Richmond rules (and where to go if you find yourself here)...